We create cutting edge 3D animated film

Our team of professional creative writers, film directors, illustrators turn their vision into creative crafts that is then turned into 3D film by our highly skilled animation team.


Film Directors


3D Animation

Our main feature story is about Tuco the Turtle, and about his journey through the ups and downs of life and the characters he comes across.

Your users have the option of experiencing Tuco’s journey at your venue and we hope it will bring a smile to their face with some entertainment no matter how turbulent their day has been.

Here are some samples of our team’s work:

Once Tuco’s story concludes, we will release new series of stories for your users and viewers to enhance their waiting experience and always have them anticipate the next story.

For the promotion of your services and products, our production team can shoot real videos or we can create animated 3D or 2D videos for your needs.